Maintenance Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Your Solar Panels

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Solar power is an excellent alternative to grid electricity. Because power is generated from the sun, solar energy is affordable, and it can significantly reduce your annual utility bills. What's more, it is a renewable energy source; hence, an excellent solution for homeowners that wish to use electricity from sustainable sources. If you've already installed solar panels on your roof, you may already know that they require some maintenance to function optimally. Failure to watch over the panels can affect the amount of radiation received, and this will reduce the power available for domestic use. In this light, you need the following maintenance tips to improve the performance of your solar panels.

Check for damage

Just because your solar panels are on the roof doesn't mean that they are impervious to damage. If there is a tree with overhanging branches in your backyard, the branches can fall on the glass and cause breakage. Also, the branches can block sunlight from reaching the panels. What's more, critters and rodents such as raccoons and mice can spoil the wiring in your panels. That's why you need to regularly inspect the panels to make sure that they are in excellent condition. Trim trees with branches overhanging the roof and exterminate pests in your home. If any of the parts are broken, they may not be efficient in tapping solar radiation.

Clean the panels

Solar panels are not often to too much dirt, and the rain cleans them. However, leaves, dirt, and flying debris can accumulate on the roof and cover the panels over time. This will reduce their efficiency, increase chances of mould growth, and expose them to damage. Clean the panels once in a while, especially during the months of the year with little or no rain. Use plain water and a mild cleaning solution. Do not use abrasives as they will scratch the glass and cause damage.

Monitor power production

Another way to make sure that your solar panels are working optimally is by monitoring the power production. If little energy is produced, your usage will decrease, and this should warn you that something is not right with the system. Of course, you have to make sure that the solar radiation has not significantly changed. For example, the amount of power generated during the summer will differ from what you get during the winter as the sun becomes scarce during the cold season. If production reduces dramatically, you need to have the panels inspected.

Maintaining your solar panels is the key to making sure that you enjoy the benefits of solar energy. Contact an expert if you notice any problems with the solar panels.

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