2 Eco-Friendly Ways To Dispose Of The Green Waste From Your Run-Down Garden Clearing Project

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Buying a run-down period property to restore is a challenging but rewarding task. It's a great way to create a modern home that celebrates the history of the building as well. Generally, rundown homes also come with a run-down garden that may be completely overgrown from years of neglect.

Fortunately, getting the garden into shape is a little faster and less technical than the house. A few weekends of hard work will see your overgrown garden stripped back, giving you more space and a clean palette on which your new garden can take shape.

The downside to this process is the sheer volume of green waste that the project will produce and how you'll get rid of it. Here are two environmentally friendly ways to get rid of a large amount of green waste.

1. Hire a skip bin

You might be more familiar with the role that skip bins play in removing household rubbish or builders' rubble from construction sites. However, most rubbish removal companies can also provide you with a dedicated green waste skip bin so that you can dispose of your green waste easily.

A green waste skip bin can be delivered to your home and placed in a location in your garden that will make filing it convenient and less back-breaking. Once your garden clearing project is finished and the skip bin is full, the company will then collect it and dispose of the contents in a location where it can naturally biodegrade.

2. Hire a mulcher

Another eco-friendly way to dispose of your green waste is to transform it into a valuable garden product right in your own backyard. You can hire a portable mulching machine from most hardware stores or machinery hire outlets. This allows you to feed in your green waste, which will emerge as shredded green material that can be recycled back into your now cleared garden.

Most green waste can be mulched successfully, including shrubs, bark, small branches and grasses. You can add the mulch to garden beds to provide a naturally nutritious layer of compost. If you have larger branches or whole trees that need removing, you can also hire a portable wood chipper to crunch the timber into useful wood chips.

Avoid feeding weeds into the mulcher, or the seeds will create an invasion of weeds wherever you lay the mulch. To dispose of weeds, you can hire a smaller green waste bag from most skip hire companies for this purpose.

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